Façade Consultation

The exterior envelope or the façade of a building is a key element because it has a high impact on making the building’s inner space more habitable. The ideal façade system should function as a barrier for all the undesirable elements and allow the beneficial ones within your space.

In different parts of the world, certain performance criteria have been set for the building projects by different codes and legislations. Most of these statutes are now driven by the need to improve a building’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon emission level. Our façade consultation service can bring all these and much more to you.

Our facade consultancy group offers a comprehensive range of services starting from the earliest phase of strategic design through the completion of the project. Regardless of the project’s complexity or size, your building is in safe hands when you deal with us.

We recognise the requirement for a holistic approach to ensure the success of a project from the perspective of performance and engineering. We fulfil the different technological demands for creating an efficient building envelope by applying resources with highly specialised skillset. The involvement of CGS Façade Group has been critical to the successful delivery of numerous high-profile projects around the world.

Our Façade Consultants Add Value to your Building Envelope

We have a team comprising of highly experienced façade consultants that can help your project stand out in many different ways.

Achieving cost-performance balance

Our specialists can help you succeed by achieving the desired target in terms of design, performance, and cost.

Expert Support

The industry for building façades continuously introduces new finishes, systems, and materials. Our experts can help you make prudent and expedient choices by thorough evaluation of the options before the start of your project.

Avoiding system failures

By engaging our experts starting from the design process, you can easily avoid all types of design flaws and deficiencies. Our consultants are capable of identifying the problems quickly and resolving them before they turn into a major failure of the structure.

Technical Help

With the track record of numerous successful projects behind them, our façade consultants can offer decisive answers to all your technical queries and help you create a façade system that lasts for the life of the building.

Contact our Façade Consultation Experts today for

  • Façade structural engineering
  • Windload report engineering
  • ESD engineering & reports
  • Thermal analysis calculation
  • Material selection criterion and reports
  • Sample collection and presentation
  • Façade Specification
  • Value engineering and costing
  • Pressure equalisation and water proofing Assessment
  • Glass assessment calculation, thickness review and selection
  • Aluminium system structural analysis
  • Site engineering documentation reports
  • Design certification