Our Service Offerings

CGS Façade Group is here to offer you comprehensive building envelope design and construction support covering everything from the start to successful completion of the project. Over the year, we have built a reputation of trust across the globe with our end-to-end service capability.

Façade Engineering

We create state-of-the-art façade systems for a wide variety of building exteriors, offering all types of related service including design, development, installation, and monitoring.

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Façade Consultation

Our experts offer comprehensive support to ensure that your building façade is in compliance with the desired performance criteria of the buildings. Our consulting service includes façade structural engineering, windload report engineering, thermal analysis, design certification, value engineering, and much more.

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Façade System Design & Development

Over the years, we have mastered a wide range of design and development skills, including concept development, 3D modelling, façade system analysis, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and the advanced visualisation/simulation techniques.

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Façade Documentation

We maintain and furnish detailed documentation related to all stages of your façade system design and installation to help you with future maintenance, problem resolution, refurbishment, and much more.

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3D Modelling

We utilise specialised software to create 3D models that make it extremely easy and effective to demonstrate any complex or unusual design pattern. Our 3D modelling helps clients avoid and address probable design issues before it is too late.

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Shop Drawing

Our façade engineers provide specialised support to deliver shop drawings for rain screen, curtainwall, storefront, sliding doors, windows, glass entrances, railings, terraces, balustrades, glazing, and many others.

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Fabrication Drawing

Our detailed fabrication drawings help our clients understand the machining details, cutting dimensions, stress relieving and heat treatment requirements, and many other technical parameters related to the fabrication of different façade components.

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Façade Management

CGS Façade Group has the required skill and experience to deliver world-class façade management service to ensure that your façade system retains its aesthetic appeal as well as functionality in the long run.

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Performance Mock-up Test & System Validation

Our performance mock-up testing service is critical to the performance of your building envelope. We offer mock- up test and system validation service for wind resistance, water resistance, air infiltration, seismic performance, acoustical performance, and many other key parameters.

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Façade Logistics

We provide all types of support to assist our clients overcome their façade logistics related challenges.

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Product Sourcing

We enhance the product sourcing capability of our clients by efficient risk assessment, market intelligence study, and establishment of a strategic supply chain.

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Factory Inspections

Our factory inspection service is aimed at ensuring productivity enhancement, quality control, reduction of risk and rework, and minimisation of defect rates for your building envelope.

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Façade Certification

Our team of qualified in-house chartered engineers can certify your façade building project based on certain key parameters. We are also open to external Façade certifier, should the client request for that.

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Remedial Engineering for Combustible Cladding

At CGS Façade Group, it has always been our view that composite aluminium should never be used in any building facade. Firmly, we have been at the forefront advocating the industry using solid aluminium or CFC sheets, which are proven to be as non-combustible.

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Remedial Engineering for Installed Windows, Doors (sliding, pivot and hinged) and Balustrades

During last few years, we have noticed a surge into pour building practice due to the industry being rushed into building for demand rather than providing good and practical products for the end user. This has been apparent by reviewing some façade documentations which were produced without in depth analytical. This has led to unsatisfactory façade supplies by cheaper end products by façade contractors.

Since we have extensive experience with design and development in all façade componenets, we have had the opportunity to expand our services into remedial engineering. Remedial engineering is being required more as the indurtry discover needs to deal with pour practice and products aready installed in buildings.

CGS Façade Group main designers have been working in the building industry since 1993 and have many years of experience in façade design and engineering. Our expertise is in design, engineering and devlopment of façade such as curtain wall, windows, doors (sliding, bi-fold, hinged) and balustrades. This led to a comprehensive understanding of what the industry is facing with. We have been approached on many occasions during last couple of years to advise on installed malfunctioned windows either windows, doors, or balustrades.

CGS Façade Group main objective is to fix problems and proposed best possible solutions which are economical and cost effective. We design and engineer installed or alternative products or parts to make the process less costly.

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