Quality Checks in Building Facade Materials

Quality is often synonymous with meeting expectations and performance specifications. The latter is more important especially when we’re talking about building materials. Low quality and non-compliances will compromise the building’s integrity and the occupants’ safety.

That’s why facade engineers place equal importance on the quality of facade materials as to how they are installed. The fabrication of these materials should meet specifications set by the builders and developers. For instance, the facade materials (whether stick built or unitised) should be manufactured in a climate-controlled environment with the desired temperature, pressure and humidity levels.

How quality checks are performed?

Aside from the produced material itself, engineers also pay attention to how it was fabricated. As discussed earlier, certain parameters (e.g. temperature and pressure) should be met during the fabrication stage.

Aside from the production process, the delivery of the materials to the job site is also closely watched upon. Mishandling during this stage may compromise the panels. Moreover, timely deliveries are also crucial to meeting or beating the project completion schedule. Often, delivery delays are a result of inefficient processes in the first place.

Quality control of facade materials

Whichever is the case, the quality of the material is still the most important. Failure to meet specifications can result to widespread fires, facade collapse and other scenarios. To prevent these occurrences, materials for facade construction often undergo rigorous testing.

For example, the materials could be tested by exposing them to higher levels of temperature and pressure. This is to simulate the effect of the facade catching fire. Higher wind speeds might also be applied to test the integrity of the material.

Aside from rigorous testing, advanced computer simulation might also be applied to determine if the materials can truly withstand external conditions. The simulation may include “testing” the materials once they were installed. This way, engineers can better analyse how the finished project will interact with its own weight and the environment.

Quality checks in building facade materials

In conclusion, there should be an experienced and dedicated team who will focus on product sourcing, inspections and logistics of the facade materials. This is to ensure that suppliers are compliant from fabrication up to the delivery of the panels.

That’s why here at CGS Facade Group, we pay equal attention to how the products are fabricated as to how they are installed. Our goal is to ensure the integrity of the resulting facade from all angles and against extreme environmental conditions. Contact us today if you require excellent facade logistics services for your project.