Proper Curtain Wall Construction Leads to Long-Term Savings

Proper curtain wall construction results to long-term savings because curtain walls have a huge impact on energy efficiency. After all, high favourable thermal performance can be achieved through proper selection and installation of curtain walls.

How to achieve low thermal conductivity

Commonly, strong materials such as aluminium and stainless steel are used for curtain walls. However, these metals are known to have high thermal conductivity. Hence, they would effectively transmit heat into the building (which increases energy costs for air conditioning).

The good news is one can still achieve a low thermal conductivity (high thermal performance) by incorporating thermal breaks. These are composed of low-conductivity materials to somehow offset the high thermal conductivity of aluminium and stainless steel.

As a result, the building gets both benefits (strength and energy efficiency). Moreover, aluminium and stainless steel also provides flexibility because engineers can choose from a wide variety of thickness, lustre, reflectivity and other properties.

Preventing water penetration

Aside from strength, design and energy efficiency, facade engineers also consider the effects of water on building facades. For example, water can penetrate the curtain walls if the interior sealants are far from reliable. Leakage due to rain and high humidity will be the result.

In addition, the installation (especially the corners) should be watertight. This requires the use of materials that meet technical specifications. Also, the contractors handling the installation should regularly inspect for defects before these could compromise the integrity of the whole curtain wall.

Curtain wall construction Sydney

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