How Noise Reduction by Curtain Walls is Achieved

Effective noise reduction by curtain walls could be achieved by proper choice of glass infills (glazing, thickness and other properties may vary). This is a crucial requirement to residential, government and commercial highrises.

For instance, residential occupants would be disturbed by the outdoor noise (especially in premium units located at dense cities). Favourable acoustics performance is also important for many commercial applications such as in laboratories and broadcast studios (and in offices in general).

How engineers choose materials for noise reduction

First, curtain wall consultants create a model for predicting sound transmission and acoustics performance. A simulation will be generated to determine if a particular combination of materials (with differing specifications) will adhere to client’s requirements.

Adhering to sound transmission requirements often present constraints and challenges to design and costs. After all, other factors are also at play when designing and installing curtain walls:

  • Thermal performance
  • Daylighting (penetration of natural light into the building)
  • Thermal performance (insulation or penetration of heat)
  • Ventilation

All of these have huge effects on the resulting costs. Each of those factors could also shorten or extend the project timeline. That’s why facade engineers perform a thorough and accurate simulation of the different scenarios and combination of methods and materials.

Curtain walls go beyond aesthetics

Curtain walls also provide important functionalities such as protection from excessive heat, light and noise. These features largely contribute to the overall appeal (commercially and aesthetically) of a building.

For example, many professionals and families are very particular about noise levels in a building. If your building has an excellent acoustics performance, this could raise the perceived value of the establishment. This also applies to buildings for commercial applications such as offices, restaurants and retail shops.

Noise reduction by curtain walls

Building owners and property developers now place special emphasis on curtain walls. That’s because curtain walls could have a huge effect on long-term costs and functionalities of a building.

Here at CGS Facade Group, our expert team with international experience have designed curtain walls that adhere to client’s requirements and high standards. We perform advanced simulation and visualisation to determine which materials and approaches will best meet the client’s requirements.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can handle curtain wall design and construction (from idea conception up to full installation). Many of our clients from the major cities of Australia request us for end-to-end solutions.