Why Metal Cladding for Facade Systems is a Great Choice

Metal cladding for facade systems offers aesthetic, strength and cost benefits to both low and building structures. About aesthetics, metal cladding provides depth, texture and sophistication to building frontage. It also provides additional protection and resistance against heat, wind, moisture and other environmental elements. This then leads to cost benefits in the long term.

Long lifespan and recyclable

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, metal cladding also has a long lifespan. These claddings can last for at least 50 years. This is one of the main reasons Sydney facade engineers choose metal claddings.

In addition, metal cladding is recyclable. This means the building owner will help in reducing the carbon imprint to the environment. There will be less waste while the building owner and end users get the most value from the material.

Customisation and versatility

As mentioned earlier, metal cladding provides depth, texture and sophistication. In addition, metal cladding is also great for customisation. It can be customised and arranged according to client’s vision and technical specifications.

Metal cladding can be coated, painted and arranged to different patterns and depths. Facade designers and consultants can explore a lot of possibilities with metal cladding. This also makes it possible to realise the clients’ vision about their building design.

The importance of quality control and inspection

Metal claddings and panels are strong, durable and versatile. However, there still needs to be inspection and quality control to ensure structural integrity.

That’s why it’s recommended to perform inspection every step of the way. Whether the materials are coming from local or overseas, it’s recommended to perform inspection during fabrication, packing and shipping.

There should also be a strategic review on product sourcing requirements. Facade engineers and consultants should be able to handle all these to ensure quality right from the beginning. They would also be in charge of final inspection prior to shipment, clearance and storage.

The importance of metal cladding for facade systems

Here at CGS Facade Group, we handle the logistics and factory inspection of metal claddings, panels and other materials required for facade construction. We work with strict technical specifications and criteria to ensure quality from fabrication up to shipment.

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