What Makes a Good Facade?

Just as words can affect people’s emotions, a good facade can also make people happy, wondering, surprised and delighted. That’s because facade design is very effective in communicating certain attributes and emotions.

For example, reflective facades (or mirrored facades) are perceived to be an extension of the environment as opposed to being an entirely different entity of the surroundings. These have a unique effect of blending in with the surroundings while still achieving superior aesthetics (standing out from the crowd). As a result, the building would look and feel natural because the facade reflects nature. It also has a timeless and adaptable feel because the facade just reflects its surroundings.

Why facade design is crucial

As mentioned, facade design can affect emotions. Also, first impressions last. The building’s exterior can have a huge impact on people’s perceptions about the structure and the company. It’s similar to having a beautiful physical storefront and a responsive and amazing website. The exterior appearance of a structure can quickly set expectations.

Humans are fast to form expectations and impressions. Then, we become receptive only to things that fit into our pre-existing impressions and beliefs. We only accept things that verify what we’re expecting.

This is especially true in facade design. A facade can be very powerful in setting expectations and impressions. Whether it’s a residential, commercial or government building, an amazing facade design can help form positive first impressions on the building and on the businesses and organisations in it.

What makes a good facade?

First, the facade should best communicate your company’s or organisation’s values. Just like how mirrored facades reflect the surroundings, your building facade should also reflect the values your company or organisation is trying to show to the public.

Yes, there are interesting trends that you can follow (minimalism, sharp geometric patterns). But it all starts with your objectives. Trends come and go but your values should stay intact no matter the times. Also, building a good facade is a huge long-term investment. Every detail should be done correctly because it’s crucial to the overall image of the company or structure.

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