How Important is the Lighting of Building Facades?

The lighting of building facades during the evening could be as crucial as how it appears during the day. After all, the night is long and it’s an opportunity to emphasise further the company’s status. Moreover, the lighting can also further add to the aesthetic appeal of the building facade.

Facade illumination is both an artistic and scientific endeavour. It requires artistry and creativity to highlight the best features of the building. It also requires science and psychology to determine the best positioning of lights for maximum effect.

Different approaches in facade illumination

One popular approach is full illumination. In other words, it’s about putting in lights as many as possible to fully illuminate the facade. There are no accents. It’s plain lighting where every part of the facade is visible during the night. Aside from visibility, full illumination is also good for security purposes.

On the other hand, partial illumination is meant for emphasis or adding “drama” to the building frontage. It’s a popular approach in many residential, commercial and government buildings. The lights are strategically placed to emphasise certain features such as the building’s main focal points (e.g. company logo, unusual structures and surfaces).

The positioning of the lights may also vary. For instance, many buildings have lights installed on the ground and they’re pointed upward. The lights can also be installed at the top and as a result, the illumination will be pointing downward.

Another approach relates to contrast. It’s whether the building should stand out or just blend in with the surroundings. It depends on the company’s objectives and theme. The lighting can be subtle only or it could help the facade stand out to engage the public’s attention. The preference varies and there’s an appropriate strategy for each approach.

Lighting of building facades Sydney

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