How to Have the Ideal Commercial Building Frontage Design?

An ideal commercial building frontage design should cover aesthetics, show its purpose and embrace sustainability. These three things are important in supporting the building owner’s vision and objectives.

Aesthetics and visual appeal

Multinational corporations invest heavily in building frontage to achieve the desired visual appeal for their commercial structures. After all, the design has a huge effect on public perception.

For instance, a building with an innovative facade represents company innovation. The perception will then transfer to the company’s attributes. A sophisticated facade also becomes a part of the company’s imagery. In other words, the building frontage design could be one of the best assets of the property owner or developer.

The purpose of the building

There is a different feel among residential, government and commercial buildings. One glance and the public should instantly feel what the building is for.

For example, commercial buildings with a shopping complex and amusement centres often look more vibrant than their residential counterparts. The energy from the outside should already feel different.

For buildings especially designed for residential tenants, the building exterior should somehow evoke a feeling of home and belonging. The purpose should already be clear just by looking at the frontage.

This requires art, science and experience because evoking the feeling is a complex process especially in facade architecture. Engineers and architects need to consider the purpose of the building, its brand, the surrounding areas and structures and even the materials and texture of the resulting frontage.

Embracing sustainability

The building frontage has a huge impact on thermal and energy efficiency. Its wise design and material can result to huge savings in the long run. The costs of lighting and air conditioning could get lower if the building is embracing a sustainable design.

In addition, a sustainable design shows the commitment of the building owner when it comes to green principles and construction. It builds awareness among the public and stakeholders that the building or company is committed to sustainability.

Commercial building frontage design services Sydney

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