Why Facade and Thermal Insulation is a Priority Now?

Facade and thermal insulation is actually crucial now both for aesthetic and energy efficiency reasons. Facade is the main design point of all highrises. In addition, a facade designed according to green principles will lead to cost savings in the long term.

That’s why many Sydney engineers and managers are willing to invest more in having the ideal facade for their buildings. Whether it’s for residential or office use, the facade is one critical aspect that requires months of meticulous planning.

Where it all starts?

It starts with the company’s vision and the image it wants to project. After all, the facade makes the first impression. It also testifies to what the company is about. It begins with the vision and the engineering will come later.

This is where constraints play a huge role. These could be constraints about the budget, timeline or even the construction limitations. There are designs that seem to be impossible to achieve. It’s partly due to construction principles and absence of desirable materials for the job. Engineers also need to consider structural integrity (e.g. resistance to wind and seismic forces, corrosion). This is a huge challenge for architects and engineers.

Another challenge

Engineers and building designers also have to consider energy efficiency. Aside from the facade design itself, thermal insulation is also a priority. After all, the facade is what separates the internal from the external environment. It has a huge impact to the energy efficiency of the whole building.

There’s also the growing awareness among Australians. Another reason is that it contributes largely to cost savings in the long term (especially for highrise buildings with large energy footprint).

That’s why facade builders and designers also perform a thorough thermal analysis in creating the ultimate facade design. They start with the client’s vision and at the same time select the materials and construction techniques that lead to better efficiency.

This requires extensive research and planning. Engineers need to select the best combination of materials that achieve structural integrity, energy efficiency and outstanding design. This is a huge challenge especially when it involves complex geometric forms and sustainable design.

Facade and thermal insulation Sydney

Whether it involves a curtain wall, frameless facade or any other building frontage, CGS Facade has already done it for many local and multinational corporations. We start with the clients’ vision and ideas. Then, we apply smart engineering to achieve cost savings and sustainable design. Contact us today and together we’ll create a sustainable design with the end user in mind.