Facade Design and Construction Sydney: Why It Matters Now

Facade design and construction has now become a priority because of emphasis on visual aesthetics and thermal efficiency. This is important in creating more energy-efficient workplaces and commercial facilities in buildings. In addition, the facade (or the frontage) of building is the most important design standpoint of highrise establishments.

More possibilities

Decades ago, many buildings look almost the same. The reasons relate to lack of desirable materials which limit the design of building facades.

But now things are different. Due to advances in material science and engineering, facade design and construction is now open to several possibilities. Sydney engineers and architects can now work with lightweight and yet strong materials. They can also apply green principles without sacrificing the design aspect.

For example, curtain wall systems can be made of glass, concrete, aluminium and steel. The metal frames could hold glass to optimise the light coming in through the building while still protecting it from air and heat. This is possible because of the advances in materials engineering and construction.

Balancing and working around constraints

Although recent advances made a lot of things possible, multiple constraints still exist. The constraints can be related to costs, purpose of the building, project deadline, construction limitations, location, and wind and seismic forces. Sydney facade engineers and designers are used to these constraints. However, it’s still a challenge.

That’s why it’s crucial to select a reputable facade engineering and consulting firm for this task. They would perform thorough analysis (structural, thermal, material) and work around constraints. They would also take care of the design certification for compliance.

For example, here at CGS Facade Group, we’ve been doing building envelope and design since 2005. We’ve been applying cost-effective design and green principles while working around the project’s constraints.

Facade design and construction Sydney

The function and appearance of building facades are now priorities to both new and established firms no matter the industry. The facade makes the first impression and in addition, it may dictate the energy-efficiency of a building for years or decades to come.

We understand that crucial aspect here at CGS Facade Group. Contact us today and we’ll work according to your requirements.