How Curtainwall Glass Systems Improve Aesthetics & Function

Curtainwall glass systems provide more natural lighting to residential and commercial tenants. In addition, these glass systems are available in an infinite combination of opacity, thickness and colour. As a result, facade engineers can select an appropriate material with the desired properties to achieve the client’s vision.

For example, the opacity or translucency can be selected according to the client’s requirements and specifications. The building owner or developer can choose a fully transparent result (for full visibility) or a partially opaque material to limit the natural light coming in.

Higher value for properties with glass curtainwalls

One of the main selling points of glass is it provides more visibility to the exterior. In other words, it provides a nicer view of the outside. That’s why many high end properties have glass for their building facades and envelopes. This allows residential and commercial tenants to get the nice view of the outside both during the day and night (especially when large glass panels allow high visibility).

In addition, glass exterior wall systems can be used to achieve excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This is usually achieved by selecting thicker glass and adopting airtight construction. For example, thicker glass can prevent too much outside noise from coming in (especially in major cities). An excellent acoustic insulation can also be a priority among residential and commercial tenants.

When it comes to thermal insulation, facade engineers can accomplish this by requesting for pre-treatment of the glass surfaces (e.g. application of special coating). This is to allow visible light and prevent infrared rays (which is responsible for heat) from coming in. In other words, the glass material transmits certain wavelengths and reflects the others (infrared and visible light are in different wavelengths).

Curtainwall glass systems Sydney

There are many challenges and requirements in designing and developing curtainwalls. That’s why here at CGS Facade, our expert facade consultants and engineers with international experience provide end-to-end solutions. This way, each step of the project aligns with high standards and excellence.

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