Which Curtain Wall Type is Best for Your Building?

It’s a huge financial decision both upfront and long-term. That’s because the choice of curtain wall affects the following:

  • Thermal performance & building energy efficiency
  • Visual aesthetics & daylighting
  • Architectural design
  • Sound transmission or acoustics performance (minimise noise coming from outside)
  • Water penetration (prevent water leakage due to gravity, weathering, capillary action and other factors)
  • Fire safety
  • Protection in cold environments
  • Sustainability & long-term performance

Stick built & unitised curtain wall systems

These are the two main categories of curtain wall systems. They were classified as such due to their difference in fabrication and installation.

Stick systems are installed piece by piece (smaller panels and units). In contrast, unitised systems are made up of large units. As a result, there’s faster installation time for unitised systems.

In other words, each has its own advantages. More importantly, the curtain wall system (no matter the type) should maintain its integrity through the regular changes in temperature and pressure. Cost-effectiveness and sustainability are also huge considerations. Constraints are always present such as available space, material selection and specifications.

Pressure-equalised or water-managed

Engineers also classify curtain walls according to their “specialties.” For instance, pressure-equalised systems reduce water penetration by equalising pressure difference. This results to blocking the external forces that are responsible for allowing water to enter.

On the other hand, water-managed curtain walls specialise in draining water. Although both systems have the same function (water & moisture protection), in many cases engineers choose pressure-equalised systems due to better performance.

Which curtain wall type is best for your building?

Opportunities and constraints often define the design and specifications of the exterior building. However, these should all be balanced to attain the optimal results.

This is the goal of the CGS Facade Group. We start with your vision and study the resulting thermal and acoustics performance of the building. We also handle product sourcing and factory inspections to ensure quality every step of the way.

Contact us today and our curtain wall designers and engineers will work within your requirements. We have vast international experience handling projects in Hong Kong, Macau, the Middle East and major cities in Australia.