Why Commercial Glass Systems are Popular in Facades?

Commercial glass systems allow more light to come into the building (hence, more natural light and higher energy savings). In addition, glass systems provide a modern look to highrise buildings. In other words, glass material provides both improved functionality and aesthetic.

Lightweight material and flexibility

Glass is also a lightweight material. This means there’s lower dead load (the permanent weight of the building materials). This is important in maintaining and ensuring structural integrity. It could also result to significant construction cost savings because of the less need for structural support and other materials.

Glass also offers flexibility in terms of its translucency, opacity, thickness and heat transmittance. For example, the glass thickness can be varied to achieve a certain acoustic performance. This is important in mitigating exterior noise.

As mentioned earlier, commercial glass systems allow more natural light to come into the building. This also means more heat can enter the structure. To minimise this, pre-treatment of the glass is accomplished. The objective is to maximise light transmittance while minimising heat transmittance.

Another challenge

Aside from light and heat constraints, facade engineers also consider the interior and exterior glare of glass systems. They select appropriate pre-treatment or better glass materials to accomplish that. This is for both aesthetic and health reasons. A high level of glare can distract both the users and passersby. This could also have a health effect because glare can affect the daily experience of the end users.

There are other challenges related to the use of glass systems for construction (especially for building facades). The good news is engineers and architects can overcome those challenges and work with the constraints to achieve the vision of the homeowner. Whether the building is for residential or commercial use, facade engineers can come up with solutions for optimal natural lighting and aesthetics.

Commercial glass systems Sydney

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