How Curtainwall Glass Systems Improve Aesthetics & Function

Curtainwall glass systems provide more natural lighting to residential and commercial tenants. In addition, these glass systems are available in an infinite combination of opacity, thickness and colour. As a result, facade engineers can select an appropriate material with the desired properties to achieve the client’s vision. For example, the opacity or translucency can be […]

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How to Have the Ideal Commercial Building Frontage Design?

An ideal commercial building frontage design should cover aesthetics, show its purpose and embrace sustainability. These three things are important in supporting the building owner’s vision and objectives. Aesthetics and visual appeal Multinational corporations invest heavily in building frontage to achieve the desired visual appeal for their commercial structures. After all, the design has a […]

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How Important is the Lighting of Building Facades?

The lighting of building facades during the evening could be as crucial as how it appears during the day. After all, the night is long and it’s an opportunity to emphasise further the company’s status. Moreover, the lighting can also further add to the aesthetic appeal of the building facade. Facade illumination is both an […]

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Here are 5 Unconventional Building Facade Design Ideas

Searching for unconventional building facade design ideas? In this short article we’ll provide some ideas that can serve as starting points. We’ll also briefly discuss a few requirements to achieve each design. Let’s start. 1. Steel mesh facade Plain and traditional facades are getting less popular. People are now looking for something new. In addition, […]

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Glass Facade Advantages for Highrise Buildings

Glass facade advantages include natural lighting, weather resistance and aesthetic appeal. Many modern buildings by multinational corporations have glass facades on them. In addition, glass facades stand out among the numerous buildings in any urban area. Energy savings and green construction Glass materials are able to transmit light into the building. In fact, up to […]

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Why Metal Cladding for Facade Systems is a Great Choice

Metal cladding for facade systems offers aesthetic, strength and cost benefits to both low and building structures. About aesthetics, metal cladding provides depth, texture and sophistication to building frontage. It also provides additional protection and resistance against heat, wind, moisture and other environmental elements. This then leads to cost benefits in the long term. Long […]

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Why Facade and Thermal Insulation is a Priority Now?

Facade and thermal insulation is actually crucial now both for aesthetic and energy efficiency reasons. Facade is the main design point of all highrises. In addition, a facade designed according to green principles will lead to cost savings in the long term. That’s why many Sydney engineers and managers are willing to invest more in […]

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Aluminium Facade Advantages: Why Many Buildings Have This

In this short article, we’ll discuss some of the most pronounced aluminium facade advantages. The information below will help Sydney engineers decide if it’s the best material for their building facade. In addition, they will be aware of the possible limitations or drawbacks of the material. Cost savings Aluminium is more affordable than steel. If […]

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