A Brief Discussion on Double-skin Facade System

The concept of building design has evolved significantly over the years to meet the ever-changing demands for function, comfort, and energy efficiency.  This evolution has resulted in significant innovation in the design space, from integrating smarter design elements to using a new range of materials. Double-skin façade system is one such innovation. In most instances, […]

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How to Build a Sustainable Building Envelope?

There is no denying the fact that the construction industry has a significant direct as well as indirect impact on the environment in terms of use of raw materials, water use, atmospheric emissions, energy use, waste generation, and many other factors. With changing times, this industry is extremely likely to face new challenges to minimise its […]

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How to Create High Performance Building Façades

A building facade can be referred to as the boundary or link between the internal and external environments of the building. It has a significant impact on the way its occupants interact with the building’s energy efficiency and surrounding environment. Building facades are also responsible for different parameters of environmental quality performance such as thermal […]

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Uncovering the Truth Behind Building Envelop Failure

All of us have heard about instances of building envelop failure. Whenever this happens, the foremost task is to identify the root cause. However, this detective work can be extremely challenging at times. This task demands the presence of the right kind of experts, ensuring adequate general maintenance, and identification of the red flags on […]

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Overcoming the Challenges of Facade Solar Control

Sun is undoubtedly amongst the most important natural resources that can be harvested by a building. However, this can be done effectively only by applying certain sun control strategies and specific shading devices.  As an example, the solar gains must be minimised in warm and sunny climates because it may otherwise lead to extreme cooling […]

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Building Envelop Failure: Reasons & Prevention Tips

A building envelope can be defined in the simplest manner as the exterior of a building capable of repelling the elements. Technically speaking, these are engineering systems that combine different elements such as moisture control, air pressure boundaries, structural integrity, and temperature control into a single strategy of designing. At the very beginning of this […]

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Why Building Envelopes are Essential for Your Energy Efficient Home

The boundary between a building’s exterior and interior, building envelope is an extremely important component of the overall building design. The envelope is directly linked to the protection and maintenance of the structure. Moreover, the energy performance of the building envelope components such as roofs, ceilings, floors, walls, doors, and windows are closely related to […]

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Why or Why Not Choose a Double Skin Facade?

The choice of the facade type often depends on the upfront costs and its long-term performance. After all, the building facade will take a huge percentage of the total construction costs of a structure. Moreover, the appropriate facade provides long-term thermal, acoustics, lighting and energy benefits. It’s been especially the case during recent times wherein […]

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How to Enhance the Value and Perception of the Building

It’s estimated that the Australian construction industry accounts for 9 per cent of the GDP (source). Valued at approximately AUD150 billion, the construction industry is indeed a main growth driver of the economy. Aside from its huge financial and economic contribution, the construction industry also solves huge problems and opens a lot of possibilities. For […]

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