Why Building Envelopes are Essential for Your Energy Efficient Home

The boundary between a building’s exterior and interior, building envelope is an extremely important component of the overall building design. The envelope is directly linked to the protection and maintenance of the structure. Moreover, the energy performance of the building envelope components such as roofs, ceilings, floors, walls, doors, and windows are closely related to […]

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Why or Why Not Choose a Double Skin Facade?

The choice of the facade type often depends on the upfront costs and its long-term performance. After all, the building facade will take a huge percentage of the total construction costs of a structure. Moreover, the appropriate facade provides long-term thermal, acoustics, lighting and energy benefits. It’s been especially the case during recent times wherein […]

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How to Enhance the Value and Perception of the Building

It’s estimated that the Australian construction industry accounts for 9 per cent of the GDP (source). Valued at approximately AUD150 billion, the construction industry is indeed a main growth driver of the economy. Aside from its huge financial and economic contribution, the construction industry also solves huge problems and opens a lot of possibilities. For […]

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3 Apartment Construction Trends 2018 Builders Should Know

There will be a continual upward trend on apartment construction as a result of economic growth, increasing population, changing demographic, land supply constraints and further urbanisation. For instance, more and more residential buildings are sprouting in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane due to availability of amenities, employment and transport infrastructure. Of course there will be a […]

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How to Design an Energy-Efficient Building?

This can be achieved by thinking of the structure as a single organism. All its parts and interaction with the environment are interdependent and contribute to the organism’s overall function. Back then in construction and architecture, facade systems are treated as separate components of the buildings. However, to achieve high efficiency and building performance, the […]

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What Makes a Good Facade?

Just as words can affect people’s emotions, a good facade can also make people happy, wondering, surprised and delighted. That’s because facade design is very effective in communicating certain attributes and emotions. For example, reflective facades (or mirrored facades) are perceived to be an extension of the environment as opposed to being an entirely different […]

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What’s the Importance of Facade in Architecture?

Back then, facade perhaps is only important in achieving superior aesthetics. But now it has a crucial functionality role especially in light transmittance, acoustics performance and energy efficiency. In architecture, the facade is one of the building’s most important exterior elements. The facade sets expectations and defines the feel of the overall structure. It can […]

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3 Facade Design Ideas for Better Functionality

What are the functions of building facades? Aside from showing superior aesthetics, facades also contribute to the buildings’ interior functions and energy performance. In fact, the facade’s structure and design may significantly result to long-term energy savings. This could be accomplished through choosing the right materials with just the right specifications (e.g. materials with low […]

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3 Commercial Building Facade Trends to Watch Out

The commercial building facade trends are about making a statement. That’s because the facade is a marketing and branding tool itself. Its appearance shapes the perceptions of the people viewing the building from the outside. Facade design and engineering trends are also about sustainability and energy efficiency. The wise design of a facade can result […]

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