How to Create a Fire Resistant Building Envelope

We all understand the importance of using fire protection systems in our home and offices. However, unfortunately, there has not been much focus on fire resistant construction for the building façade. Things get even more complicated because we often ignore the exterior building components that have a role in prevention of loss caused by fire […]

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Benefits of Cladding and Importance of Cladding Material Selection

These days, a large majority of buildings, particularly the commercial ones, are equipped with some form of cladding. This is done by placing materials such as wood, cement, stone, brick and others over the building’s original structure. Cladding is a popular construction process that has been used for decades because of the many benefits it […]

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A Brief Guide to Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain wall systems are considered to be one of the most important elements of facade technology in the modern-day high rise buildings. Facades create the exterior envelope of a building with components such as cladding elements, window wall, curtain walls, etc. Functionally speaking, curtain walls are non-structural cladding systems that separate the building’s exterior from the […]

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Creating Building Envelopes for Cold Weather

Working in cold weather areas means dealing with several challenging circumstances for the architects as well as the construction crews. Precipitation and freezing temperatures can cause significant harm to the building envelope’s structural integrity, resulting in discomfort for the occupants. Consequently, many different factors must be taken into account by the architects while planning and […]

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Tips to Choose the Best Exterior Cladding Materials

External cladding is one of the key components of any building structure because it functions as a protective skin for the building and its occupants. Just as we love large windows and interior plants for creating a natural feel, it is also important to protect the home from elements like external temperature, wind, rain, moisture, etc. […]

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A Brief Guide to Stone Cladding

Natural stone has been used as the staple material for all types of constructions since the beginning of time. The most important benefits of stone as a construction material are its durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal.  As a cladding material in modern-day buildings, it opens up a myriad of attractive options to enhance the appearance […]

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What are Adaptive Photovoltaic Facades and how do they function?

It is an established fact these days that out of the total worldwide energy demand, approximately 40% is consumed by our buildings. Similarly, our fossil fuel based activities such as air conditioning, heating, ventilating, etc. account for more than 30% of the overall anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is undeniable that these buildings […]

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The Present and Future of Building Envelope Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is a frequently used technology for reducing a building’s energy consumption by preventing the loss or gain of heat through the building envelope. This objective is accomplished by using materials that have low thermal conductivity. Building envelope thermal insulation is done using several industrial insulation products as well as certain natural elements. Insulation Products: […]

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Protect Your Investment by Proper Building Envelope Maintenance

In terms of protecting the normal operations of a building facility, the building envelope plays an integral role by providing the highest level of defense against all types of outdoor elements. The modern day building envelopes comprise of several components and all these components function in tandem to create a protective barrier for the building. […]

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