Why Building Facade Materials are Carefully Selected?

Engineers carefully select the building facade materials for structural, energy efficiency, design, branding and safety considerations. For example, steel and glass often undergo strict inspections for quality control to ensure structural integrity and fire resistance.

In addition, stainless steel and aluminium often undergo staining due to weathering. This has a huge impact on the facade’s overall aesthetics. That’s why all the factors (e.g. design and material composition) are considered by facade engineers and designers. They also set technical specifications such as thickness and fire resistance rating.

Material inspections in the factory

Aside from the proper choice of material and setting the technical specifications, inspections and quality control are also important to ensure that those specifications are being adhered to. Facade experts can accomplish this by:

  • Inspection of manufacturing design
  • Evaluating and inspecting the initial production (spot mistakes early on before scaling up)
  • Inspection of how raw materials are being stored
  • Inspection of quality control procedures and parameters
  • Inspection during actual production, packing, unpacking and delivery

In addition, random inspection can also be done for further confirmation. In other words, from the production design up to right before installation, there’s rigorous inspection in place. After all, the facade’s overall integrity hugely depends on the individual materials.

Why inspections are important?

Ensuring technical specifications are being met is crucial. This is to ensure that the end result will comply with the standards and original plans. Moreover, inspections are important to minimise defects and rework during installations.

These also result to preventive maintenance and solve defect sources long before the project is complete. For example, determining early the defects on pre-fabricated panels prevents rework (which further delays project completion). In addition, the defect source can be pinpointed early and engineers can adapt accordingly.

We inspect building facade materials end to end

Here at CGS Facade, we take care of the facade logistics (from production design up to delivery and unpacking). This is to ensure that each material meets technical specifications. The objective is to ensure structural integrity and prevent defects early on.

Contact us today and let’s discuss about how our team can control safety and quality for your facade materials.