3 Commercial Building Facade Trends to Watch Out

The commercial building facade trends are about making a statement. That’s because the facade is a marketing and branding tool itself. Its appearance shapes the perceptions of the people viewing the building from the outside.

Facade design and engineering trends are also about sustainability and energy efficiency. The wise design of a facade can result to significant energy savings. This can be accomplished by allowing as much natural light as possible while keeping away the heat.

Moreover, facade trends are also about strength and integrity. The whole structure should still last very long with minimal maintenance. Also, cost control and longevity should also be prioritised so the building owners and developers will have fewer things to deal with in the long run.

Other commercial building facade trends

Specifically, minimalism is also getting popular through the years in the design of facades. Perhaps we now crave simplicity because of modern life’s complexity. Minimalism and simplicity in design is refreshing especially in crowded urban environments.

Aside from minimalism, boldness also has its place in designing the building’s frontage. The goal here is to stand out and reflect the company’s values as well. For example, if the company or building focuses on innovation, incorporating bold architectural elements (e.g. sharp geometric patterns and shapes, bright and bold colours) may help in displaying the company’s focus.

Considerations in following the trends

Modern architecture now offers a lot of possibilities especially in building frontage design. However, there are always engineering and cost considerations at hand. As many people say, almost anything’s possible if you just throw more money at it.

To control both upfront and long-term costs, all the steps of the design and construction should be monitored. This includes paying special attention to product sourcing, quality control and deliveries. Take note that the costs add up during the several months of completing the project.

When it comes to engineering, designers and engineers perform advanced simulations and performance testing to see how the facade will affect the building’s integrity and energy use. This could be achieved by simulating the performance of different combinations of materials and arrangements of certain elements. This could be a long and tedious process but it’s worth it because of the resulting cost savings and increased performance.

For example, here at CGS Facade our team with international experience performs advanced thermal analysis to evaluate how the facade and building will absorb and transmit heat. We also thoroughly consider other factors (e.g. acoustics performance, sunlight penetration) to acquire an optimal result.

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