Massoud Mangholi

Massoud Mangholi

Principal, Managing Partner

Massoud Mangholi has been an industry leader in façade system design, development and engineering, project management, documentation, consultation, façade fabrication and installation. He has more than 25 years of track records in on− time on−budget project delivery from Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Singapore. Massoud has established design, drafting, glazing procedures and factory layout optimisation capabilities for consulting engineers, fabricators and façade contractors. He has been instrumental with successful transitions of window manufacturers into fully capable façade contractors, or unitise curtain wall and façade manufacturers.

Massoud’s expertise in design and development, together with material science and selection has been the forefront of where ideas transformed into smart engineering. The principles of a good façade are based on combining the objectives of producing a thermally comfortable façade for the end user, with a structurally functional design for the builder; a practical engineered assembly for the fabricator; and an aesthetically pleasing facade for the architect. These are the guidelines that Massoud has been using for the running of CGS Façade Group. It has been proved generating values for client companies, both in terms of saving project time and budget, while achieving quality façade products.

  • Façade Consultant
  • Curtain wall Extrusion System Designer
  • Façade Component Product Developer
  • Industrial & Architectural Designer
  • Façade Safety Edge Protection Designer
  • Professional Photographer


Curtain wall, window wall, metal cladding, stick system, double skin façade, skylight, frameless, natural stone, concrete pre−cast, glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC)


Aluminium extrusion design, architectural hardware, aluminium and steel cast−in, spider patch fitting, steel structure, special door, spiral stair, steel stillage, panel lifting clamps, safety edge protection system


Shop fitting, internal glazing, office work desk layout


3D rendering product presentation, shop drawing, production drawing, material procurement, material sizing and ordering, factory optimisation layout, factory inspection and reports, product inspection and report, façade mock−up testing


Façade engineering, sustainable design, pressure equalisation system, membrane application, rain screen system, complex geometric forms, material science, BMU and access methodology, glazing training, design workshop, as built design review, site reports and remedial assessments